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Although the Movement for Malawi Dual Citizenship is working with other organizations to advocate for Dual Citizenship on behalf of Malawians in the Diaspora. There are many ways you can take action to support the initiative. 
  • Movement for Dual Citizenship for Malawi: 
    • Share your stories with us  on our Site: Provide feedback, and place comments so that we can hear multiple Malawian voices with regards to Dual Citizenship. 
    • Share Our Site: Participate by linking this site to your own site or by sending the link to your family and friends. 
    • Blog About Us: If you have a blog, blog about us. Submit your self written article to: secretary@malawiwashington.org to be included on the blog or send an email to become a permanent blogger on this site.
    • Write About Us: If you are a writer for your company, organization, newspaper, magazine, write about the Movement for Malawi Dual Citizenship.
    • Talk About it in Your Community: If you have a regular Malawian group (even if its just your close friends) we encourage an informed discussion with regards to Dual Citizenship. There is plenty of information on this page and on links from this blog that will provide information about Dual Citizenship. We want to keep Malawians talking about Dual Citizenship and how it affects them.
    • Share us on Social Media: We welcome the use of technology for social good. Please share our link on Facebook, linked-in, twitter.
  • Campaign for Dual Citizenship: MMDC endorses this campaign and is working with this group on matters of common interest to realize the goal of achieving Dual Citizenship for Malawi. For more information about this initiative visit there website: The Campaign for Dual Citizenship.
    • Sign the Petition: online petition for dual citizenship in Malawi - The Campaign for Dual Citizenship is an advocacy group that is petitioning for Dual Citizenship for Malawi. 
    • Join the campaign for Dual citizenship on Facebook - The Campaign for Dual Citizenship's Facebook page provides a forum where Dual Citizenship issues can be discussed.

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