Arguments Supporting Dual Citizenship for Malawi

There are several advantages of Dual Citizenship. The following is a list of a few of the advantages of Dual Citizenship for Malawi:


  • It will allow the recipients of remittances in Malawi to receive additional funds. 
  • It will encourage economic investments in Malawi from Malawians abroad.
  • It will allow for transfer of remittances and money through the formal sector, thus increasing foreign currency flow.
  • It will generate revenue through a tax system where dual citizens would pay some type of tax
  • It will encourage capital investments into creation of businesses that generate jobs, goods and services.
  • Overall, it will have the effect of increasing trade between the host countries.


  • It will strengthen political ties between Malawi and the host countries that host Malawian Diasporas.
  • Malawians abroad that hold government positions in their host countries will be better positioned to influence policy changes abroad that are mutually beneficial for Malawi and that host nation.
  • Malawians that are in government positions back home can also benefit through networks and ties in the host countries (again clarify here, maybe use other words)
  • The African Union's policies currently encourage member countries engaging the diaspora for investments, technology, and development. The AU encourages some form of dual citizenship program.
  • It will strengthen democratic institutions in Malawi through citizens the interaction of individuals from countries with democratic institutions.


o   It provides platform to mitigate the effects of the brain drain. Those that leave seeking education will be more likely to return  for short-term or long term contracts due to legal employment authorization.
o   Malawians in the Diaspora have an understanding of both foreign and Malawian culture. It provides them a unique position to exchange ideas, knowledge, expertise, and training that is suitable for the dynamics in Malawi. 
o   It will help Malawians abroad retain a sense of national identity and personal identity.
o   It will prevent future generations of Malawians from losing ties or linkages to Malawi.
o   It will promote Malawian culture in countries with Malawian Diaspora.
o   It will provide a better quality of life for Malawians being supported by those in the diaspora, and Malawians in the diaspora.
o   It will allow Malawians to travel freely between countries without obtaining additional documentation.
o  It will allow Malawians with ancestral land that has been passed through generations to remain in the family without fear of it being lost.
o  Malawians living in Malawi will be able to leave their land to their descendants that are in the Diaspora.
  • It will allow Malawi to take advantage of Malawian Athletes abroad, by allowing them to compete internationally for Malawi in major sporting events like the Olympics or Football (soccer) competitions.
  • It will allow entertainers to promote the music and art of Malawi as Malawian citizens as
    opposed to foreigners, hence spreading our cultural reach. 
  • It will allow Malawians abroad and in Malawi a feeling of greater connection to the rest of the world. The world is increasingly connected through technology, and this will facilitate Malawi’s integration in the new globalised world.
  • Lastly, it will promote a culture that is inclusive of all Malawians in the true spirit of Malawian values like umunthu. 

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