Our Mission


A Malawian Citizenship Act where Dual Citizenship is decriminalized and legalized.


To facilitate and contribute towards building a better nation in Malawi through the promotion of laws reflecting just, clear and inclusive Dual Citizenship laws that promote global participation and the integration of Malawian human and social capital.


·         To advocate and lobby the Malawi Government on the enactment of a just, legal framework for Dual Citizenship that decriminalizes and legalizes Dual Citizenship.
·         To sensitize citizens, non-citizens, government, non-profits and all stakeholders about issues surrounding Dual Citizenship for Malawi.
·         To support the Malawi Government in the exploration and enactment of an initiative aimed at changing the current laws on Dual Citizenship.


·         To advocate for the passage of a Citizenship Act amendment in Malawi within the next 4 years that includes the enactment of inclusive Dual Citizenship rights.  


We strongly believe in the promotion of an integrated socio-economic development agenda for Malawi which incorporates Malawi’s vast human and social capital both within and outside its borders. We believe that the Malawian Diaspora’s contribution to Malawi is vital for both the social and economic vitality of the nation.  We believe the continual systematic termination and prevention of rights, privileges, or immunities of Malawians significantly restricts both constitutional and fundamental rights of Malawians and their descendants. We believe in grassroots involvement in shaping the future of the nation and in empowering all Malawians with information about the laws that affect us all. In the spirit of umunthu, we believe in the enactment of inclusive laws and policies for the social and economic development of our homeland, Malawi.


·         Collecting, compiling and disseminating information about Dual Citizenship in Malawi (and Africa). Acting as a resource of information on Dual Citizenship issues for Malawi.
·         Sharing information through the use of technologies such as social media, blogs, websites, and e-mail.
·         Assisting and or collaborating with complimentary Dual Citizenship initiatives by individuals or organisations.
·         Leading community dialogue on Dual Citizenship.  
·         Communicating with the Malawi Government on issues arising surrounding Dual Citizenship.  

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