We recommend an amendment indicating that: A citizen shall not lose citizenship by acquiring the citizenship of another country. We recommend that:
  1.  Malawian citizenship and Dual Citizenship laws be reviewed with the goal of decriminalizing and legalizing Dual Citizenship for Malawi.
  2. Malawian citizenship  laws should provide for an explicit and unqualified right to a nationality from birth that can not be removed.
  3. The law should provide that existing citizens may acquire other nationalities without any penalty and that citizens of other countries may be naturalized without any requirement
    to renounce an existing nationality (This avoids the risk of creating statelessness individuals): Dual Citizenship should become a legal option for Malawians living in Malawi; Dual Citizenship should become a legal option for the Malawian Diaspora. 
  4. Children with current dual citizenship should not have to give up legal citizenship by age 21.
  5. Malawians that have lost there citizenship be given a clear path on regaining their citizenship. 
  6. Malawian laws should grant men and women equal rights to acquire, change or retain their nationality and confer nationality on their children.
  7. Malawian law should not refer to membership of any category such as racial, ethnic,
    religious, linguistic category as the basis for inclusion or exclusion from Dual Citizenship rights.
  8. Any provisions under national laws placing restrictions on the holding of public office by persons with Dual Citizenship should be explicit and narrowly defined. Restrictions should be limited to the very highest offices of state, and applied only to the nationality of the person concerned (not the nationality of  the individual's parents or spouse).
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