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Immigration (Photo credit: lcars)
Many Malawians have had problematic experiences due to the current citizenship laws This includes but is not limited to: making tough career choices; making decisions concerning care of loved ones; having  their citizenship unwillingly revoked; being separated from family; facing public or private embarrassment; forgoing a promising job; forgoing scholarships and educational opportunities; facing undue economic hardship or facing undue emotional hardships. We would like to hear your stories so that we can have a collective space to share our stories.

"I was forced to verbally renounce my Malawian citizenship on my last visit to Malawi because my citizenship had been automatically withdrawn when I became married to my  foreign spouse. The passport officer that confiscated my passport told me that carrying two passports was not permitted in Malawi because dual Citizenship was illegal. He was friendly though when he saw the disappointment on my face and told me that I shouldn't worry because even though I wasn't legally a Malawian, I would always be a Malawian " - anonymous

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